Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Coming Soon: The Toronto Book of the Dead

Things have been a bit quiet on the Dreams Project blog this year — but there's a pretty good reason for that: I've been spending most of 2016 working on my first book.

The Toronto Book of the Dead will explore the history of the city through the stories of some of its most fascinating and illuminating deaths. There will be morbid tales of war and plague, of duels and executions, of suicides and séances. It will cover everything from ancient First Nations burial mounds to the grisly murder of Toronto’s first lighthouse keeper; from the rise and fall of the city’s greatest Victorian baseball star to the final days of the world’s most notorious anarchist.

Countless lives have been lived and lost as Toronto has grown from a muddy little frontier town into a booming metropolis of concrete and glass. The Toronto Book of the Dead will tell the story of our ever-changing city through the final moments of those who have called this place home.

The book will be published by Dundurn Press, who I'm super-excited to be working with. You might know them as the same publishing house behind Daniel Rotsztain's All The Libraries colouring book, or Mark Osbaldeston's Unbuilt Toronto, or Charles Sauriol's books about the Don Valley. Their authors include Austin Clarke and Andrew Coyne and Steven Paikin. And it's also the place where you can find old works by Lucy Maude Montgomery, Robertson Davies and Mazo de la Roche, plus some hugely important historical tomes written by some of the old-timey Torontonians who will pop up in my own book, like Elizabeth Simcoe and Henry Scadding.

The Toronto Book of the Dead will be available to pre-order in October of 2016. And it's scheduled to hit shelves in September 2017.

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